OMNIA does not perform an “Act” to entertain the masses, OMNIA is a message of Reverence, Respect for Nature and Change! The MUSICK is just the sound our lives makes while we live it!

Check out this Beautiful song, Earth Warrior!!!

“There’s a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do… So if YOU feel like I feel the love of the Earth… well YOU can be an EARTH WARRIOR too!”

The bohemian PaganFolk band “OMNIA” revolves around the many varied compositions, stories and musical abilities of Jenny and Steve Sic Evans van der Harten! Together with their live-band they tour throughout Europe and beyond! To listen to their MusiK be sure to follow OMNIA on Soundcloud!!


Hope all is Awesome everyone!! If you enjoy OMNIA as much as i do feel free to share the vibes!!!

For more new music stop on by #TenthPOWERRadio!

Have a Beautiful day and remember,

We are ONE!

Your Brodude,

Sean Brodudeman at Tenth Power Radio!

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